Gary's  giclees are approx. 30"X40" unless otherwise noted. They are reproductions of his paintings, sculptures and drawings. Each one also contains at the bottom, a hope-filled text.

Gary's works of art are marketed towards medical professionals, film stars, and, people from all areas of society who enjoy fine art and inspirations. You are very important to Gary; thanks for your interest.


Each work of art is a treasure and never loses its classic qualities .They speak to the viewer to inspire the heart, mind and eyes with hope.
They are printed on white canvas, paper or photo stock.

Numbers 95 to 11 are $500.00 per unit, plus shipping and handling.
Numbers 10-4 are $1,500.00 each and number 3 to 1 are $2,000.00 each. Signed, numbered in limited edition.


With Gary's Best, please call soon and enjoy life!!!

Gary Nassif